CQC Sale


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I normally don't post these kind of messages on the front page, but since many have been expressing interest in CQC, I figured it was worth mentioning this, considering the big discount you would get.

Since the price for CQC went up with the 2.0 release, we've been getting beaten up pretty badly by a lot of people who want to come on board but who just can't swing the $895 price for the full package. We are very sympathetic to this issue, and have been discussing what we can do. So we've decided to have another sale to give these folks a window of opportunity to get in at a lower price.

In order to not to catch people away from their credit cards, as we've done in the past, we wanted to give plenty of warning for this one. So we are going to make it an 'April Fools Day Sale', though of course you'd be no fool for taking advantage of this offer. Therefore the sale will start on midnight April 1st (PST) and will run for two weeks to midnight of April 14th (PST).

For this period of time the price of a full system license will be $625, which includes your first year of maintenance fees.
Oops, our data center had a boo boo:

UPDATED: At 10:00PM, SoftLayer Datacenter lost power to all racks in SR02 and 5 racks in SR01, and one rack in SR03. This was due to a power transfer from generator to utility due to inclement weather in the DFW area. During the transfer, a 2500amp breaker failed placing all power on UPS backup power. After roughly 30 minutes on battery backup, power to the specified datacenters began to go offline. Electricians are onsite replacing the 2500amp main breaker with a cold swap spare kept onsite. We expect this situation to be resolved by 1:00AM CST. The emergency reponse team is onsite to bring servers and services affected back online when power is restored.

So, since no one can actually get to our site during the last hours of the sale, I'll go ahead and extend it until tomorrow midnight, just in case anyone was trying to get in at the last minute and couldn't.

Sorry about that!