CQC version 2.1 now available for download


Staff member
May 10, 2007 - CQC Version 2.1 has now been posted for download. This is a minor release, following up on the 2.0.x series, and consists of a fair number of smaller fixes and improvements plus a couple quite significant ones.

The most important new features of this release are:

Integrated Multi-Zone Audio Player:

Up until now, CQC users who wanted to use their CQC hosts to stream music, especially multi-zone music, had a less than ideal situation in that this required the use of GUI based media players, and running multiple instances of them in the multi-zone case. Our new integrated player runs in the background, so no one has to be logged on and it is completely headless. It also makes multi-zone audio very easy by just selecting the target device you want each instance of the player to stream to.

Interface System:

Support in our graphical interface system for the '10 foot interface', i.e. using the CQC interface on your projector and driving it remotely, has been significantly increased, allowing you to create much more attractive and usable interfaces for the big screen. New commands for loading specific interfaces and overlays have been adding, so that you can provide much quicker access to particular information via a single button press. And all of the complex widgets, which have multiple focus locations within them, have been updated to provide much nicer graphical representation of that focus movement.

There is also a new 'widget palette' in the interface designer, which makes it much easier to control the ordering of interface widgets, and to access them even if they are covered by other widgets.

New/Improved Drivers:

There are a number of new drivers in this release including the Crystalio II video processor, RTI RP6 remote control processor, Inline 3808 switcher, Kramer VP-88ETH, Audio Authority, and Nuvo Grand Concerto. The RTI and Nuvo drivers are particularly important ones. Updates and fixes have been made to the DVDO VP-/50, Rotel RSP976, Russound RNet, Elk M1, and Z-Wave driver.

A complete list of bug fixes and features implemented in this release is available in the release notes in the main directory of the installer. If you would like to try out CQC for up to thirty days unencumbered, to see if it works for you, go to the Charmed Quark website and select the Try/Buy tab or the Try It button in the top right. You can get an overview of the product and its cost, and instructions on how to download it and find the tutorial videos which will guide you through the learning process.