Creating Custom HA Screens


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I have my Car PC in the house for a few days re-installing some new stuff on it. I have started creating a new skin for the front Road Runner that I use.

Doing this, with the GUI skin builder, I got to thingking this would be a great way to custom design Home AUtomation screens. Not only that, Road Runner has built in mp3, Video, slide show controllers, can control numberous TV and FM tuner cards and a lot more. It also has all of the hooks built in to pass information back and forth with Girder, so talking to Home Seer or other HA programs would be fairly easy. Road Runner also is capable of dual monitor support. Did I mention that the program and the GUI skinning program are 100% FREE!

It can handle resolutions up to and BEYOND 1080i & 1080p.

I have my HA screens pretty set up the way I want, and am not going to start rewriting everything anytime in the near future. For those looking to build a nice HA interface, this may be the sollution.

Have a look and see what you think: Here's the Link to the Road Runner Forum.
How ya been old friend? Long time no see...

You caught my attention when you mentioned that, "It also has all of the hooks built in to pass information back and forth with Girder..."

I scanned the RRSkins (Thread) Forum for some good graphics and found some kickin' stuff..

Being that I just woke up, (and plan on going back to bed) can you provide some links to some of your favorite threads? (Make 'em for the "I'm waking up, drinking coffee and cruisin' the web" kinda of links.. :D I need pictures..they help me follow along..

TreeTop, yea, I have been out of the scene for a while, but have been posting on here now and then.

Probably one of the best threads is This One. , THough not really a "Thread" it has all ov tha available skins. Each of the skins that are available, have all of the .jpg files for every individial screen in .jpg format.

You can integrate your cell phone into it, video's, TV, AM/FM radio, Weather,and all the extras that many of us use in our HA stuff. A couple screens for controlling lighting ect, would be all that's needed to finish it all off.

Then for a little under $200, ya can get a 7" touch screen designed for car use, to mount in a wall, in your entertainment center ect. The possibilities are literally endless.
Treetop, here is one other thread ;) It's the skin I am working on for my CarPuter. It is testing my Photoshop skills to the limit!

Drawing the screens is actually the harddest part. Once done, you just load em into the skinning program, and drag a button outline to where you want it, and define what you want it to do.