Creative Labs Audigy/Extigy lawsuit settlement


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Creative Labs agreed to settle a class action lawsuit regarding the falsely advertised features of the Creative Labs Audigy and Extigy soundcards. Creative advertised that these cards could handle 24-bit/96khz audio, but this was rarely the case, angering many people who were planning on using this card with high end equipment. If you bought one of these cards before the end of last year (2004), and live in the US, you can qualify for a 25% discount of your next Creative Labs card (up to $62.50). The certificate is good for one year, and can only be used when buying from the online Creative Labs store. You need to provide them with the serial number of your card as proof of ownership.

See for more information about this settlement.
Well who the heck made that deal... Sounds to me like creative labs wins either way. They should be forced to pay people for the cards already bought. If you already own the card what are the chances of you needing another card. And on top of that if you screwed your customers once what makes you think i want to go back to creative labs for more products. Creative labs wins in this settlement. They are basically saying we screwed up so you have to buy another card but this time will give you a discount. Nobody should have to buy a new card. Either they should replace the cards with ones that do meet the specs or refund the people atleast part of their money for the cards already bought. It doesnt make sense to have to buy another card to get the benifits of their screwup.

Again who settled that case because he needs his A** Kicked.
Like just about any other class action settlement, the lawyers are the only ones that make anything out of it. Companies like Creative often end up with a deal that they know few people will follow up on so they are willing to settle. The people who brought the original suite usually get a couple thousand for their effort.
Right, the lawyers are the only winners.

I had originally purchased an Audigy Platinum eX for recording, and I wanted 24bit 96kHz recording. RIGHT! It just sits there acting like a regular sound card now. What a waste of time and money. Funny thing is, I replaced it with an E-MU 1820M and Emulator X system, and GUESS WHO MAKES THAT? Yep, Creative. But at least this one is a decent card and got good reviews for recording clarity, etc. It's in their "pro" line.

I've signed up to get my coupon anyway, but I'm betting I won't be buying anything "Creative" before it expires.