Creative Labs Zen Xtra 30 GB Music Player


Hey Guys:

Best Buy is clearing out the Creative Labs Zen Xtra 30GB portable digital music player for $20. It lists for $229, but take it to the counter and it will ring up for $20. SKU# is 6399532.

Thanks for the heads-up, BSR.

I went down to Bust Buy and they had sold out two hours ago.
Just got back myself...

Computer said they had 4... but the clerk couldnt find em. Yeahhhh right :)

Just so you all know... this is a price glitch... so mums the word

Well, here's hoping my friend back home has better luck than me.
Cant find these anywhere... and Ive looked in 3 different states :(

Anybody grabs a couple, Id be more than happy to buy one with an extra bonus thrown on top for your troubles.
Ran buy local BB store and had a friend look it up.

Price $20.00
Stock 1

I was getting pretty excited until they found the player.

No battery or cable.

I decieded it wasn't for me and passed.

Then get on the phone and call everyone I know to pick it up..

I may still get lucky yet :D

Well guess BB in Wichita, KS refused to sell it. Almost had 2 :)
Well, this deal is deader than a door nail. Corporate got wind of the price error and sent out a code of DEVO or something like that which basically means the stores are NOT to sell them (even though they have stock) and they must be shipped back because of being "discontinued".

I snagged a display unit for $20 early in the morning (all my local store had). Didn't have any cables, CD, power supply or instructions.

I had a five volt DC wall wart laying around that worked, I also have a USB "mini" cable from one of my other cheaper Creative MP3 players.

Charged it up and now attempting to get it working.
BrianD said:
Well guess BB in Wichita, KS refused to sell it. Almost had 2.

Brian - are you in Wichita or just called your friends there ? I'm about 90 miles north of there, between Salina and Concordia.