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I wanted to warn everyone about a fraudulent charge occurring on many credit cards. The name listed on mine was VIP Tune but others have had variations of that name. It seems the most common charge is 29.99, but I saw some others listed as well. I had the 29.99. I have no idea how they got my card information. From looking at the posts online it seems there is not a common thread of where the numbers were taken.

If you go to they even have a notice stating that they are not involved and are the victim of fraud themselves. Who knows.

Just wanted to make everyone aware...


Threads I found are located at:

yahoo link
Thanks! I just checked my card and have the same charge, going to talk to the CC company now.

I was hit with this last week too. My credit card company said they hadn't heard of any reported problems with charges from this company before. I urge everyone to check and report it!
Have to ask.. Is there a common thread here? That is, did you all buy from the same online merchant or all have accounts with the same company?
Wow, I had no idea so many people would have had the same problem. They must have gotten thousands of numbers. This is a relatively small group here and there were three others beside me!

The threads I have seen other places make it tough to find a common merchant. It looked like amazon was a good target, as it was reported that they had some type of hack of their database (Which i find hard to believe), but then some of the people said that they had not used amazon. I would love to find out where they got the numbers.....
WTF! I had this on my card as well. I called Bank of America, and they wiped it immediately, no questions asked. Thanks for the heads up, as a small charge like this is easy to slip through the cracks, and what I am sure, whoever is behind it, is counting on.

I can't begin to help with a pattern, as I use that card on PayPal, Ebay, Amazon, Linens and Things, Automated Outlet, Woot and about 100 other online places.....
Btw, the VIP Tunes $29.99 charge to our credit card was followed up by a charge from "Carnation Enterprises" a few days later, at that point our bank recommended that we close both of our credit cards. The "Carnation Enterprises" charge was interesting because the company makes currency counting machines. You know, the kind that you use to count up large stacks of paper notes or coins in a hurry. I guess someone has a lot of loose money laying around that they need to count...
I have two CCs both with Vip-Tune on them on a web check. Thanks.
I think one of the vendors I deal with may have both the cards on file and was hacked.
Whenever I purchase anything on-line I use Discover Desktop with my Discover Card. This service will assign a specific one-time credit card number that can ONLY be charged by that particular vendor.

From Discover's FAQ site:

Q: Why is it safer to shop using secure account numbers?
A: When you use secure account numbers to shop online, your actual Discover Card Account number is not revealed on the Internet or stored in an online retailer's files.

A secure account number can only be used at the retailer where it was first used—it can't be used anywhere else. If the secure account number is stolen, you can deactivate it without canceling your actual Discover Card Account.