Crestron Introduces LightSource Brand


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New brand name encompasses Crestron's entire line of lighting control and automation products and systems, including automation enclosures, modules, dimmers and switches

Presenting its complete line of lighting and automation products, Crestron is making Lightfair International 2004 the launching pad for its new LightSource(tm) by Crestron brand name.

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Their stuff looks nice and the idea is great but i think they jumped intot he market a little late. I think they will need to do alot of promoting inorder to get people to use their products. It almost seem propietary. I might be wrong but it looks like you can only use their light switches with their controller which uses a proprietary programming language and proprietary software.

With univeral stuff like the ocelot why would anyone buy their controller unless they did'nt know better. I wish Z-wave and ZigBEE would start doing something big so that all these manufacturing companies can jump on the wagon.
Simple enough. It's not that people who buy Crestron don't know better, it's that they don't care. Crestron equipment is VERY good, but it comes with a (high) price. They target the very high-end market. If you read Electronic House, you'll see Crestron in all the $5 million houses that they seem to profile every issue. It's very definitely NOT a DIY system, and if you have to ask about the price, you can't afford it.