Current sensing switch and z-wave door sensor


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I've ordered a CR9380-NPN current switching sense from amazon. After wondering if such a scheme would work for sensing power states of devices, I searched and found past posts here at cocoontech where users have used this type of pre-packaged device (current transformer, rectifier and transistor all in one package) and directly wired it to the DS10A (provided the transistor is not operated in it's saturation region).

However, I'm wondering if anyone has used a current swith with z-wave yet? What I'd like to do is find a z-wave door/window sensor that I can wire the CR9380 to. Such a z-wave device would also need to be able to directly turn on or off a z-wave switch (intermatic z-wave motor controller CA3750).

This is to support a shop set up where if I start my table saw (220V split phase, 3HP motor) my dust collector (220V split phase, 3HP motor) will automatically come on. In this configuration, the z-wave devices would act as a unidirectional software interlock that would not rely on a complex software based HA platform. The dust collector is currently wired to an Intermatic z-wave motor controller. The motor controller responds very fast to PC commands too, so I'd like whatever door/window sensor to immediately (within 1 second or less) trigger the intermatic z-wave motor controller on the dust collector. Some small delay is ok as I will never immediately start cutting once I start the table saw.

The motor controller shows up as a normal switch to my VRC0P. It does not seem to provide two feedback, but this is ok as it's not needed. I'm actually pleased with the device overall and it seems well constructed, however, it doesn't have a UL stamp so I'm guessing it's not UL listed! Kind of scary since it's made in China...

I plan to first try this idea out with an X10 DS10A on Thursday as this is easy using my HA setup, but I think a standalone z-wave solution would be the best approach. Any advice is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
you can you a ct with a no open contact to do what you want with a zwave module i use it to monitor my generator run and power fail