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Custom Settings


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Wow, are there really only 20 custom settings on the M1G? This seems like a good way to communicate basic operations parameters via another system - like Sprinkler settings, Home/away temps, etc. Am I missing something? With MainLobby I can read/write to custom variables and 20 is not enough!

Also, does anyone know how time format is internally stored? I can only write an integer with the mainlobby Write command, but the Time format in RP is in hours:minutes:AM/PM.




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Jacy, Not sure if it helps at all, but there is a MainLobby Time Reformater plugin so you can display time and date in any way you want.


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Thanks for the Tip.

I guess I can run a test to see what happens on the ELK when I write a time out of Mainlobby.


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I think the time value is the number of minutes since midnight as a 16 bit value. The custom value is set in the M1 to display according to what it is.

I will have to verify to be sure.