customer wants intercom unit and cameras


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Hi all, what a great forum. Learned quite a bit about alarm systems from electrons guide--super.
Ok, I have few questions, I have a customer who owns an acre of land that has two homes and are also putting in seven spaces on that property for rv rentals, due to the fact it's right on the colorado river here in arizona. They will have two gates, one just for the rv park part which she has requested a keypad for the gate ( have looked at the oracle opg-k5 wireless, but have never dealt with a keypad before) and the other for friends which she would like a wireless intercom with camera. I would be also putting in intercoms in 3 more areas of the house including the pool area. I have installed inside intercoms for new homes, but nothing which would include video and outside, any suggestions? They also want cameras installed on the property, which I have installed but she is requesting wireless because of the distance to the areas that she wants them placed, not to mention some hard to access areas because it is being remodeled, not new. I thank you all for some nifty ideas I have picked up on in your forums. Oh, we install telephone systems, cabling for phones, data, tv, cameras etc. But we are always learning something new every day! Thanks again.
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Your question is outside my area of expertise, so I'll beg off on it, but someone should be able to help. Give it a day or so.

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i think the url is
A couple of questions.
1) what distance are you covering from the gate to the home?
2) What distance are the interior stations from the door stations?
3) Is there power at the gate entrance?

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