Cybergenie battery Jump Start


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Well I just bought two phones off Ebay.... one seemed to have a dead battery that would not even try charging. I came across a post of the Cybergenie forum describing how to jump start dead batteries so I decided to give it a try. Well I have to say its at least is showing it charing in the craddle now. I will let you know if the battery holds a charge. For those that might have the same problem here is the original link..

Here is the post:

I fixed the problem pretty easily by following something similar to the instructions
posted recently. To do this, you'll need:

2 - pins/needles (I used the ones with the ball on the end)
1 - paper clip

If you're not too agile with your hands, you might not want to try this:

1) Remove the battery from the handset
2) Insert one needle into the black side of the battery connector
3) Insert one needle into the red side of the battery connector (taking care not to
touch the two needles
4) Remove the AC adaptor from the charging cradle.
5) Insert one paperclip into the middle of the round connector, taking care
not to touch the paperclip to the outside of the connector.
6) Here's the tricky part: Touch the needle that is on the red side of the battery connector
to the paper clip, and nothing else.
7) Now, touch the needle that is on the black side of the battery connector to the
outside of the charger connector.

Hold it like this for about 10-15 seconds.

Now, remove the needles and paper clip, put the battery back in the handset, put the
cover back on, plug the AC adaptor into the charger, pop the handset onto the charger
and you should be in business.

I call this procedure "jumpstarting the batteries" :)

Hope this helps someone

I used the same procedure except I used a fresh 9V battery and only jumped it for about 15 seconds.

After that the handset would start to charge when placed in the charging cradle.

Hope this helps.....

Tricks I used to use with nicads for radio control models.
The Nicads tend to get internal "needles" at their ends that when you either reverse polarity them, or put a heavy voltage on them tends to blow the needles away, which allows the battery to continue to function "normally".

Of course, don't overdo it as the battery can overheat and literally blow up if the vent sticks.

There are some high performance chargers that reverse polarity the charge every now and then to keep this needle thing from happening.

My experience is that it works sometimes, but the battery is still likely toast as it's capacity isn't up to snuff. Important for the reciever battery on a model airplane :)