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Hey how many Cybergenie users do we have here? I just got mine fired up and I am still playing with the voicemail options. I was hoping to come up with a simpe multi-user answering machine. Just let it ring for 15 seconds and then give the caller the option of directing a message to a user's voicemailbox. So far I have not figured that part out. Seems like you can have a single system voicemailbox or jump into the Auto Attendantt where the caller can say the name (first and last... can't seem to ditch the last name).

Anyone figured out how to simplify this caller routing to ring all handsets in the house. If the no one answers have a message state that no one is at home and if you would like to leave a message to "John" hit 10, if you want to leave a message to "Karen" hit 11 and if you want to leave a message to "Robert" hit 12?

Thanks for any help.

I use a CG here. To do any custom announcements, you will need to record your own message(s). It is possible to have the CG just auto-ring all handsets if the users doesn't choose a name in the beginning - see the Auto Attendant option under Line 1 or 2 that says "If caller needs help" and hit the radio button next to "Ring all users".

I'd set it up this way: use the auto-attendant but replace the inital message with your own that tells the caller to "Press 10 for John", etc. Then if they don't press or say anything, it'll ring through to all.

BTW, to use only first names, put a single " in the first name field and put the first name in the last name field. I do this for handsets in rooms instead of naming them to family members.