D-Link DCS-900 Internet Camera

I too want to know if anyone has experience with this camera. A guy at work is wanting me to offer suggestions and this was a one of the cameras I told him about. He was wanting to know if I had seen any screen shots? So if you get one please post some. TIA
I have experience with some of the IP enabled (wireless) D-link camera's. They aren't bad, comparable to the Xcams I guess, but the fact that it is IP enabled is what makes this a killer deal.
Well Rupp, I went to Fry’s, got this unit in hand, rang it up at the register, paid with my credit card, then it came time to get the rebate form. The clerk said "I have to go and get the special form". The lady was gone for over 15 minutes gabbing with a couple of employees over at a desk when I flagged her over and said "why is this taking so long".

Well apparently the "rebate" person wasn't in and they couldn't find the form, but they insisted that they should keep on looking.

Well another five minutes passed and I asked to speak to a manager (Juan C. Hernandez). Well he said that I should take a "generic" form, fill it out, and then they will send me the proper form in the mail on Monday. I said, no, what makes you think you can find the form on Monday? He said that the people will mail it on Monday!

I said this is crazy; it’s MY $40 at risk and asked to cancel the sale. That’s when he got rude and said, "This is the way we always do our rebates". I said BS, I have been coming here since you opened and the rebates ALWAYS came out with the register receipt. He said if I wanted to complain to fill out this form (that he handed me) and there was nothing they could do.

Well, after that I just cancelled the sale. ;)

Well, guess what, when I got home I logged on to THEIR freaking web site and FOUND the rebate form. :D They were just to lazy to do anything and figured that I would just get tired of waiting and go away!

I have never been treated so rudely and have had such incompetent people like that at Fry's before. I guess they are now sending their employees to "dumb down" training or just hiring them off the street without any qualifications!

Oh well, Best Buy is just down the street from me here in Las Vegas anyways.
I have had that happen at OfficeMax, they couldn't find the rebate form, so they just gave me the rebate in cash (a $40 rebate), you definitely shouldn't have been treated that way, and I don't think I would have been that nice about it ;)
I think that Mr Hernandez needs to be reported to the home office.

Home Office= Guaranteed results!