Daylight Savings Time a month early!


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I don't know how much this has been discussed but Daylight Savings Time will start a month earlier this year in just a little over a month on March 11th. I found This Blog with a list of links to patches for various applications.
Thought you would be interested,
Well I will be retired.. so those 100 PC's at work will be someone elses problem.. lol


Microsoft has a patch for Windows XP and Daylight Savings Time.
Thanks for the link. I will have to see if anything else I have needs a patch. Like the sunset sunrise database for my Insteon Timers and Ken Millers InHomeFree.
If I recall correctly, Microsoft's line is that "CURRENT" software/OS will be available to be patched--that means anything in the XP Family that's NOT SP2 (Service Pack 2) may not get a patch.

I don't think Server2000 will get any free patches either--in fact, you CAN buy the patches for non-supported SW, for about $4K a pop.

Media Center is XP Professional with add ons, so make sure it's up to date as well. Windows update "Can" be your friend!