I am in the process of bidding out a high end basement finish which will have a home theater with projector and 138" screen. I was able to demo the D Box Motion Simulator when I met with my HT guy yesterday. This is a great piece of theater equipment. At this time there are several hundred movies encoded with the motion sensing code. Through your HTPC or a stand alone server codes are sent to moiton sensors which can be custom installed into furniture or placed under the risers of the platform. This allows you to actually feel the action that is happening on the screen. You get three axis motion which will give you an interesting cinema experience. I don't know what the price is yet my HT guy is going to do package price. Here is a link to the companys web site.

I still say moving the whole media room using maglev or aircraft simulator technology is the only way to get the ultimate HT viewing experience.

About two years ago I was invited to the Wide Screen Review magazine headquarters in Temecula, CA. Gary Reber, the owner had installed a D Box platform in his demo theater that he has at the magazine headquarters.

I was able to experience the D Box in action during the chopper scenes in the movie "We were Soldiers". It was an awsome experience and I highly recommend the D Box system to anyone who has the cash to purchase it for his/hers home theater.

At the time that I demoed the D Box, it was listing for over $20K.