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Pacusma Company Ltd. Standardizes "Power" for Electronic Products; Company
responds to demands for convenience and better power efficiency

(HONG KONG, January 24, 2005) - Pacusma Company Ltd., a precision power
supply manufacturer, announced today it will debut its flagship product
lines, DCEverywhere and DCSimplify, at the Electronic House Expo in Orlando,
Florida February 24-26. Pacusma will be in booth #551.

Traditional power supplies convert high-voltage alternating current (AC)
into low-voltage direct current (DC) for use by electronic products. These
products are crucial to the operation of virtually all electrical devices,
yet their energy efficiency can be very low. EPA research has indicated
that 30 to 50% of the electricity flowing through power supplies is wasted.
As a result, some states are mandating power leakage standards.

DCEverywhere replaces traditional power supply adapters with universal taps,
power strips, in-wall outlets and portable units, while DCSimplify
eliminates the need for multiple cords. Products are designed for home and
small office use, as well as hotels, commercial buildings, airports,
convention centers and more.

"Consumers are tired of dealing with bulky adapters and the mounds of
tangled power supplies needed to power laptops, digital cameras, PDAs and
more. The DCEverywhere and DCSimplify product lines simplify power access
for the consumer," said L.V. Luu, chairman of Pacusma. "We expect this
long-awaited solution to have global impact."

Today's power supplies consume at least 2% of all U.S. electricity
production. More efficient power supply designs could save nearly $3
billion and about 24 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

By standardizing the DC current, DCEverywhere and DCSimplify provide an
environmentally friendly power solution that minimizes the mountain of used
adapters, eliminates power leakage and saves consumers billions of dollars
each year.

DCEverywhere power supply products include front and side multi-tap surge
suppressors, power strips, home entertainment power centers, portable units
and in-wall units. DCSimplify offers DC cords for mobile phones, PDA's,
laptops, digital cameras, flat panel monitors, toys, chargers, lights and
other electronic devices.

DCEverywhere and DCSimplify will be marketed directly to distributors and

About Pacusma Company Ltd.
Founded in 1978, Pacusma Company Ltd. is a privately-held manufacturer with
offices in Hong Kong, China and the U.S. The name Pacusma (Pacific Custom
Manufacturing) accurately represents the company and its custom
manufacturing capabilities to produce technically superior innovative
products. With more than 700 employees, Pacusma continues to satisfy
consumer needs and meet the demand for new and improved products.

Pacusma distributes its various lines globally through large private label
manufacturers and distributors. For more information on Pacusma Company
Ltd., please visit http://www.pacusma.com.