Dead Elk M1Xep?


The other day we had power outage for a few seconds.
After that my M1 XEP ethernet module will not work.
I get the red light on the board, but no green light where the cable plugs in.
I haven't had a chance to call Elk yet so I figured I would try here first.

Any ideas? It was working flawlessly before the power outage.

(and no, I didnt have it plugged into a surge or UPS, I know, STUPID)

Where is it plugged into, a router? Is that working? Can you try a crossover cable to a laptop?
you may need to check router and settings etc. happens to me occasionally. need to buy a UPS.
The router and settings all seem to be fine.
I have all the appropriate ports open for pass through for the M1XEP.
I can not ping it.
I dont have a crossover cable.

I have tried several ethernet cables so I know that is not it.

When I plug it into a switch, the light on the switch that shows that a cable is plugged in does not come on.

There is a little green light on the ethernet port on the M1XEP that ocassionaly blinks 5 times.

I am stumped.

I have had a few problems with mine the past two weeks where I had to "find" it again and then change the settings in my router (the last 3 digits of the IP address changed every time I had to find it).

Dont know why it happens but it does. I will call ELK next week and ask.
(the last 3 digits of the IP address changed every time I had to find it)

I will guess that your M1XEP is set for DHCP instead of static IP address. (DHCP = M1XEP requests an IP address from your router every time it is powered-up or re-booted.) If that is the case, then you can switch it to static IP address with Elk RP.

I have mine set to static and have no changes when power is cycled.

In RP look at the M1XEP set-up page, TCP/IP settings page. select the "Use a static IP address" radio button. Assign it a valid and available IP address and appropriate subnet mask for your network. Default gateway and primary and secondary DNS servers should probably point at you router.

Questions? write back.


You are probably right but I thought I followed the directions in the manual (I know you should never read the manuals). I will look at it tonight.

I think I will also pick up the UPS I have been meaning to buy for it and the router etc.