Dead Intermatic HA03?


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Well, it appears I have my first dead z-wave lamp unit. I am unable to activate the lamp with either the remote or software, and I can not manually turn it on with the module. I am unable to remove it from the network also. Anyone know of any other tests to see if I can revive it? Also, if it is really dead, how will I ever remove it from the network? I can't even get it unassociated with the channel it was using. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Unfortunately this has really changed my current outlook towards z-wave. I was in the process of designing a new system for my lighting needs, and was going to replace most of the conventional lighting to zwave lighting. I am skeptical at this point, as the HA03 module was only about 2 months old before its untimely demise.
First question (and one that caught me as well) is: did you check the light bulb?

I had a light switch that seemed to just up and die on me and I came on here and posted an angry rant. Someone recommended I try a new bulb and sure enough, that was it. I deserved a good slap for that one, especially with as much of a dick I made myself out to be.

Along those same lines, when I bought my house a year ago, I had the previous owner leave the lawnmower. Went to mow the lawn for the first time and I couldn't get the thing to start for the life of me. Went out, bought a new mower and the thing has been sitting in my garage ever since. Fast forward to last week and I was looking at and wondered whether I bothered to check the gas in it. Sure as shit, the gas was empty. I filled it up, primed it a few times and the thing started on the first pull.

Moral of the story: I have issues with checking obvious things before jumping the gun.
Yea, the light bulb is fine. I eventually unplugged the lamp module to plug the light in normally. We use the light too much for it to be out of commission while I assess the problems with the lamp module.
I wouldn't let this put a damper on your z-wave installation, as I have ~20 Intermatic Light and relay plugin modules without 1 single problem. Most have been in use for over a year.

I am almost up to 50 Z-wave devices, some running for a few years with only 1 failure.

I don''t suppose there is a chance the light was over the 300 watt specification ?

I have 6 of the HA03 modules each with a 300W Halogen lamp running for over year. The Intermatic modules are the only ones that would even work with these lamps. ( Maybe 2 years ).

I have also blown a few halogen bulbs during that time and the modules did not have any problems and still work.


The HA03's are backed by a six-year warranty. If you weren't running over 300W (incadescent) on it, I'm pretty sure that Intermatic will be happy to replace it for you.

As far as removing the broken device from the network, use the "remove failed node/remove broken device" feature on your primary controller.

Instructions for our products: if you're using the Z-Wave PC SDK, it's the ZWaveController.RemoveFailedDevice(...) function; if you're using ThinkEssentials, just right-click on the broken device and select "Remove Broken Device..."

I had it connected to a single bulb lamp with a 75 watt bulb in it. I tried to right click the module icon in ThinkEssentials, but it flashed with the circle with a bar in it, like it does when you try to turn it on. I never saw the option to remove broken device. Will look into it again though.

Sorry, you need to remove the device from your Primary Controller. ThinkEssentials will give you a "remove device..." option if it's set up as Primary or as an Inclusion controller--but if it's a secondary there's nothing it can do so it just tries to find the device again.
Did you try resetting it? I had a working inwall switch that just stopped working, but resetting it both via the open air gap plus the master controller got it working again in a few secs.