DELL 8200 250W power ATI 9550, which DVR card woul


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Hi, Please help me. I have DELL 8200 (PROCESSOR, 80532, 2.0G, 512K, 400, SOCKET N, C1),250W power ATI 9550,1GB ram, 250Gb HD. I am trying to find out a card which would fit in this computer and Which is reasonble in price. I was looking at Avermedia NV3000. I want to hook up 8 Cams. Please help me find a card which would go right in there. If my computer is not best fit, then can you suggest me some computer which would be working in a resonable price and the dvr card which goes with it.
Cheaper/easier to do something else.

There is also alot of it in what features you want/need and your budget.