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Heads up for Canadian's:

Lorex 4 Camera Surveillance System

Add Video Security to any Home Entertainment System. This complete video surveillance system includes everything you need including 4 indoor/outdoor color cameras, receiver and cables. Easily integrates into your current home theatre or entertainment system. Receiver automatically switches between cameras. PIR Motion Detection feature automatically displays camera images when activated. Built-in microphone provides audio listen-in between cameras and receiver. Free Shipping!!

Featured at $199 (instead of $529)
[$330 in Savings] + free shipping;sku=A1287674
I don't think it's worth $200 bucks, it's close though.

Several things are concerning.
  1. Lorex cams usually are junk, but hey 4 for $200 what can you expect.
  2. 1/4" Sharp CCD
  3. They use DIN connections so they probably will never work with anything but this.
  4. There is no recording, what you see live is all you get. No evidence capture if you see something it's still your word vs. theirs.
  5. 350 lines of resolution.
  6. 1 lux @ F2.0
This was a complete ripoff at $529, probably why they are tring to make them move now.