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UltraSharp 2001FP 20.1-inch Flat Panel LCD - $689

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This pair of coupons also works on:
Dell 1901FP 19" LCD monitor for $513 after both coupons
Dell 1801FP 18" LCD monitor for $465 after both coupons
Dell E172FP 17" LCD monitor for $329 after both coupons
Note that the coupons are valid only today, and may expire early in the day.
In case anyone's thinking about these monitors, I can highly recommend the 20 inch version. I have the older 2000FP and I think it's probably the nicest monitor I've used. I've seen the 2001FP and it's about the same (except the plastic frame surrounding the display is smaller - a definite plus).

I'm driving my monitor at the native 1600x1200 using a DVI connection. DVDs look great on it. It's more than fast enough for most (if not all) gaming - I certainly don't notice any effects (but my PC can't run Doom III at very high fps).

$689 is a really good price (I think I paid $800 for mine when the normal price was $999). It looks like there's free shipping, too.

I only wish they'd come out with a smaller monitor (than 20") that was also 1600x1200. I want that resolution but I don't really need that big a display.

Review from Anandtech:
Dell 2001FP
I have the Dell E172FPb 17" LCD monitor. I got it in March and has been a great display.

I do not play games so I cant tell you that part... I got it for cheap too. It was a package deal with a PC the monitor was only $149.