Dell small business desktop buy question


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Do you have to have a small business license to buy a PC under the small business listings on the Dell site? I called tonight and the operator at Dell said you did but I have ordered from this location in the past and wasn't asked for that information. Any one else?
I've only ordered from small business online - never by phone. I give my own name as the business name. I've never had problems.

We order from them at work all the time and I don't think we ever needed to prove we were a small business (which we are).
I haven't ever been asked to prove I was real business, unless I was trying to buy something tax-exempt (Dell charges tax). Isn't the only universal thing to prove you are a business a state sales tax number? I think all states have sales taxes, but I think that some don't require business licenses for everybody.
Unless I am mistaken, anyone can buy through the small business section, deal sites post small business related hot deals all the time, I believe that's how I ordered my LCD, I didn't have to do anything special (assuming we are talking about the same thing here).
My Roomate bought his Dell through the small business section with no problem, or questions asked. Just an FYI, They are generous on their online financing, took him less than 5 minutes to get approved for $1200 with not so perfect credit.
Have your buddy check his APR, I have good credit and it was so high that I call them the next day to get the card cancelled.