Delta 410 + Motherboard Sound at same time?

I recently moved HomeSeer over to my HTPC. I use the MAudio Delta 410 for CD/DVD/MyHD output to my B& K receiver. I also use one of the 410's analog outputs for whole house audio.

I would like to be able to use voice recognition but I cannot get a microphone to work. I had no problem on the PC Homeseer was on because I used the onboard sound.

Does anyone know how to use the motherboards sound in addition to the PCI sound card?

Can I use the Delta 410 for mic input? If so , How?

My motherboard is an Asus P4B533.


I've been able to get multiple soundcards to work together (including on-board) in a single box.

One problem I ran into was when different soundcards used the same chipset. Windows had issues with the drivers and I wouldn't be able to use the soundcard that I wanted.

I don't know HS, never used it, but is there an area in it to select specifically where you want your inputs to come from?

Also, under Control Panel > Sounds and Multimedia, do you have the correct soundcard specified for Sound Recording?