Detect power state of LCD Monitor


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There is a How-To on how to resolve this, but it gave me a headache to read so I was wondering a device to do the following exists:

I am in the process of rolling out 20 LCD Displays around a College. I'll be controlling them with Global Cache GC-100's using the Stardraw Control software. I want to power them up at 7a and power them down at 10p, but the problem I'm having is .. how do I make sure I'm not accidentally turning them off when the are supposed to be turned on? I haven't settled on a Display model yet, but I'd prefer that I don't need to require a serial port to perform this function -- since doing so will severely limit my choice in displays -- and I really want to keep this installation as generic as possible.

I've considered some kind of X-10 set up (the outlet) with a step-down adapter coupled with an AC relay into the GC100, but I'd need a IR interface into the X10 outlet, so that idea starts to get messy and puts too many devices in a public area. I spent a lot of time looking to see if any IP-controlled (addressable) outlets exist that might accept SNMP commands, but no such luck (as far as I can tell).

Any suggestions on how to perform this function?
Many TVs use a single IR code for power ON & OFF. However, most manufacturers can provide you with what is known as "discreet IR codes". These discreet codes provide for a separate ON IR code and a different OFF IR code. Check with the displays manufacturer to see if they can provide you those codes or try searching for them in places like