Detect when your cellphone rings ...

yeah most people who replaced their landline with a cellphone leave it in the same spot as that where the charger is, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue.
At work I usually puy my cell phone in a desk drawer (wooden desk) with the ringer turned way down. For six bucks, I could leave the pen on the desk, and still know when I had a cell call.
Aw, I couldn't resist. I ordered two. If no one else chimes in, I'll let you know how they work when I get them.
Hmmm, what would happen if you placed a photocell or phototransistor next to the LED, taped it up so ambient light wouldn't be detected, and connected that to your SECU16 input? Your Ocelot could detect a cell phone call and Homeseer could announce "Cell Phone Call" on your voice announcement system.

I'm ordering one, maybe will find the time to try it out.
Thinking further outside the box......

I would hate to have to run a wire to where I place my cellphone when I am at home. You could easily use the photo sensor of a motion detector as well for this.

When I am home I set the cell on my kitchen counter. In my case there is a drawyer dirrectly under where I place the phone, and it would be within 6" of the phone. I could easily put a un-cased hawkeye, with the photocell positioned next to the leds, in the drawyer, and set it to pick up the light from the pen.

This would give a great wireless alternative to being hardwired.

I have missed my cell phone many times when I am in another room and do not hear it. This would be fantastic to announce the call on the computers throughout the house!

I just ordered 2 as well to give it a try :D
My pens came in. My first impression is that they work as advertised. When you get a call and the pen is within about 2 feet, it flashes. Pretty straight forward. I keep my phone on vibrate/ring most of the time and this wil help let me know when a call comes in. I sometimes don't feel the phone vibrate when it slides around on my belt. I check the pens on three different cell carriers. Verizon, Sprint and a TracPhone (Sprint again?) All worked.

Interestingly, I think it also flashed when a text message comes in.(?) I was in the car yesturday and the pen started flashing but neither my nor my wifes phones were receivnig a call. My kids in the back seat were text messaging on their phones like crazy. I need to check this more scientifically.

They are real pens also. They work pretty well but finding a refill for the short barrel will be tough.

There is also the ultraviolet light on the end. Also works as advertised. Using the light, I am able to see the security threads on the new U.S. Currency. That's about all I tested.

Pretty "geeky".
sounds pretty cool, my speakers buzz every time the cell phone communicates with the cell tower, including 'alive' checks, phone calls and text messages, so I assume this 'noise' is what it is trying to monitor.
Hmm. I was trying this thing out in various situations. It's range is very limited to no more than 2 feet. Also, it doesn't pick up all calls. I have two of them and they both missed a few calls although not at the same time. I don't think the orientation of the pens had anything to do with the hit/miss ratio. Maybe someone else can confirm.

They are fun toys though. Just don't count on them being 100% reliable.

2 feet? Can you guys not hear your phone that is less than 2-3 feet from your ear or is there more to this than meets the eye?
Rupp said:
2 feet? Can you guys not hear your phone that is less than 2-3 feet from your ear or is there more to this than meets the eye?
There is more here as we are trying to automate when the cell phone rings to our whole house audio systems (look up a few posts) ;)