Detecting power status



I'd like to detect the power status of my 2 receivers and my 3 cable box. They all have a switch power plug on thier back.

I already have a few cat5 runs between the receivers, cable box and my wiring panel.

I want to connect this to either my Elk M1 or my SECU16. They are both connected to Homeseer.

I could build it if it's not too complicated.
The easy way is to plug a little wall wart transformer into each device. The transformer would then connect to the coil of a small relay. The contacts of the relay would then hook up to the M1 or SECU16.
Thank you Wayne,

I'll try to find small wall wart transformer. The back of my main receiver is realy full of wires!!

If you are comfortable with 110VAC wiring, you could simply use a 110VAC relay and a cheater cord to plug into the back of the devices. That eliminates the bulky wall wart, but adds a lot of questions about safe wiring for 110VAC.