Dialling out with HV pro


Hey guys,

First of all have to say great resource website!

I'll be installing a Homevison Pro Controller in my home shortly. However I'll give you what I want to do.

If the fire alarm activates, I want up to 4 numbers to be dialled via a PBX (Panny KXTDA30) as my home isnt occupied all the time and is .. well.. pretty secluded!

Can I do this with HV Pro?

I'm a neebie at this and have an idea of how I may be able to do it but would prefer just the fresh ideas. Obviously it has to be reliable and that is why I'd like to utilise the Homevision if at all possible.

Also, is there any way of getting the Homevison Pro to control more devices via RS-232? As I understand it, it can control a max of two devices by this method at present. This may be a thread all to itself but its just I have the following set-up:

2 x Projectors RS-232 controllable
Plasma RS-232 controllable
AV Receiver RS-232 controllable

i.e. all have RS-232 connections on them.

and so forth.

I am a neebie to the automation scene but I have a good understanding of electronics otherwise. Hoping you can help and keep up the good site!!

Hi Rob,

Welcome to CT. I'm new here myself. I'll try to answer a couple of your questions.

I have a HVpro and have been using Homevision for several years. My HVpro is still sitting on the test bench as I get used to it and prepare for the install.

You can have a total of 4 rs232 ports on the pro - 3 included, and an additional one if you buy the phone/serial device. HVpro can dial a number for you, but cannot send any audio messages over the phone.

Curious what your alarm system is. Can it send telephone messages?

The Elk M1G can call various numbers and play messages based on conditions and/or events defined in rules. And even more exciting you can control it via local or remote telephone. So, you could call the Elk and disarm the alarm system, open your garage door for a neighbor, set your thermostat, request system status, hear temperatures at any keypad, remote temp sensor or your thermostat, etc.

HVpro in it's basic format has plenty of i/o so you could use 4 outputs to trigger 4 inputs to a 4 channel stand-alone telephone dialer to send 4 separate messages to 4 numbers. You could program a small offset delay on the 4 outputs to stagger the calls. Sensaphone makes models with expandable inputs which can dial several numbers also. I have a Sensaphone 2000 which I never did get installed, but played with it for some time. It's been a few months, but IIRC it could dial several numbers. However, it simply relayed a canned message like "input 1 hi" or some such thing. There are other dialers which you can record your own message in.

I'm curious why you want to control your av equipment via rs232? The IR capabilities of the HVpro are fantastic. Your can even have 8 IR zones with the optional expander card.

I have tinkered with many HA controllers and the HVpro can stand up to any of them, I'm sure you will be very happy with it.