Did I select the wrong technology?

You picked just fine. UPB is a very solid platrform to build with and more reliable than the latest and greatest that is out there. Most if not all harware and software controllers are compatible with UPB. Don't get caught up in the hype from the manufacturers. A lot of new technologies have a lot of promise, but give them time (maybe years) for things to settle down.

Just read up on some of the earlier threads that compare different technologies and you will relax with you choice.

Technology is always evolving and you will always ask yourself this question. Do you still think you jumped too soon onto VHS tapes because CD's were around the corner?

UPB is a pro level reliable system and you will not be disappointed in it. The world seems to be going wireless and that is fine, but I choose not to have it in abundance in my home. But the good news for you is there is absolutely nothing wrong with hybrid systems. UPB is a great choice for lighting. But do you absolutely need that superdude xyz product that is only available in Insteon or Zwave or whatever? The good news is the M1 supports all of it simultaneously, so rest knowing you can add whatever other technology you want, when you need too. I'm sure I'll probably wind up with an Insteon or Zwave device or two, but those will be the exceptions based on specific products when there is no way to do it with UPB.