Diginet - Multiple Cameras


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Hi guys, hope you can help. I am using the e-bay "pic0" card with the BT878 chipset. I re-installed the drivers for the card with the ones supplied with Diginet, however there is only one instance in Device manager for Video and 1 for Audio. When I run the Diginet application it recognizes the 1st camera as all 4, i.e. I have 4 locations showing the same image. How do I go about setting up / activating the other cameras in Diginet?

I am using V4.11.

Many Thanks in anticipation.
Don't double post and drop your resolution to 320x240. I have similar glitches in 640x480.

Apologies for the double post (Sorry, i'm a newbie), many thanks ver0776, I'll try it out this evening when I get home and post the outcome.
Hi Vaughn,

I've dropped it down to 192x144 and tried on 384x288 but I still only see the first cammera repeated for all four locations. I read in a previous post about a checkbox for "Low level BT878" support but I can't seem to find it. I have checked the chipset on the card and it is the Conextant Fusion 878 chipset, so i belive it should work ok. Are there any other drivers I could try?

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Pico is the other knock-off card available on ebay etc. It also uses the same BT878 chipset, however when Windows installs the device it only sees it as two devices, one Video and one Audio, thus when Diginet loads it only sees the one camera connected.
Thanks Czechmarty, I tried those and Diginet does not recognise them. The DVR card I have only has one BT878 Chip and it looks like the Diginet SW requires one BT878 chip per camera, thus its only picking up the one camera. Looks like I am going to have to find another DVR card thats going to be compatible (from what I have seen the diginet SW is amazing, especially the PDA client), if anyone is willing to post a image of their card that they have working (Or direct me to a good place to get one bearing in mind I am in South Africa) i would be most greatful.

Many Thanks
I'm pretty certain the Diginet software will only work with a Kodicom card (or "clone") using the Kodicom drivers. If you look in device manager, there should be 16 kodicom devices--8 audio and 8 video.
Speaking of audio; With 8 audio devices in devices manager, does that mean it will actually do audio for all 8 channels?

Most of my cameras have audio and I don't use it at all. This leads me to the question: All of my cameras have RCA jacks and I use aBNC adapter to convert the video line, but how do I take RCA-video and RCA-audio and convert that into a single BNC like real CCTV cameras use?

I assume I would have to do that to get audio for each channel, or am I on the wrong page?