Diginet V4.13 - Problem- No Real time video


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I just bought a new DVR card from Ebay and it seems its a Kodicom and the software that came with it is Diginet V4.13. Now I had an old Dell with ATI Graphic card and set everything up on it and everything was working just fine. One day the whole computer wouldnt start and fortunately I did had a Dell warranty on it. So dell tried to fix it but werent able to so they replaced the whole computer. Now I do have new Dell Computer and it came with a ATI FireGL graphic card and it does not have VGA output so I had to buy a new DVI to VGA adapter. Now I have set up everything and installed Diginet V4.13 on this new computer and installed the DVR Card and am back up. The only problem I am facing is that the software would start OK. but when you see the screens, it would show a still image and not the video. Now when I go to motion detection settings page on the software it would show me the movement in real time. I read couple of people complaining about the same thing and saw somebody replying that I need to change the resolution on the display settings on my computer and that would take care of it. However I am set at 1024x768 resolution. I changed the camera resoultion to 640X480 in the software and it still does the same thing. Can someone Please Help!!!!


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I didn't see the below in the above linky... Seems to me (if the program is any good) that it would be if nothing else a testing tool..

NovoSun CyeWeb

Version: 2.1.1
Support Channels: 64
Support Features: All features.
Note: There are 21 days of trial period. After that period, you have to purchase a license and activate the program.