Digital Cable PVR?


This may have been asked, but I've not seen anything. What would you do for digital cable, or even satellite for that matter, for the input? The standard cable would give you analog, but they're supposed to be going to all digital eventually which would be useless for a dual tuner card, if you need to run it through the box.

I'm building a machine, and considering the Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-500MCE kit with MCE and the remote. Is there a way to use digital cable or would it require 2 boxes if you want to record one digital channel, while watching another? I'm not sure what to do here, hate to build it and have it outdated too soon.

What about suggestions for video card? Right now I've got the GeForce 7600GS 256MB PCI-E 16x chosen, is the video out on that good or is there a better one for a similar price? Thanks!
You will need a USBIRT to control your cable boxes.

You might consider buying everything from BeyondTV, IIRC BTV4.5 + DVD burning + IR remote + PVR500MCE = $240 The USBIRT is like $70.

EDIT: A USBIRT is not required, you could use serial control but I have never had any luck with it. Cable companies can flash the boxes remotely to disable serial control. At least thats what Cox Communications in Tulsa, OK does.
I actually like the Intel media Graphics Accelerator (integrated graphics) myself.

I know... I know... BOOO HISSSS.

Still if you aren't into gaming it works fine and supports everything you need for a media PC.
Ok thanks! I have a better understanding now for what's required/needed. It was something I had not thought about until now. I figured before ordering anything, it's best to find out. There may be a better way to go. LOL Thanks again!