Digital Video Recorders


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Technology changes daily so I figured I would start a fresh thread to see what people are using and who likes what. My neighbor had his sliding glass door busted in with large rocks. Probably a few kids just being jerks. I actually have a camera mounted on the back deck looking his way but it was not recording at the time because I don't have a decent DVR. So what I need is a 2 to 4 channel device that has a fast enough frame rate to not miss anything. Price is not really an issue right now but I would like to keep it $300 or less. I would like to be able to run some type of broadcasting software with the input device(dvr, ect) so that I can stream it over the internet.

Whats good? What is the latest and greatest software and hardware?
AverMedia has some nice units (am reviewing a PC based model, but they have hardware models as well). I also got a new SuperCircuits catalog, and it has a really interesting model as well:

The model I linked doesn't come with a HD (since you can get that cheaper somewhere else), but they do have the same model with HD if you do want it from the same source. Check out those specs.
That is a nice unit electron. Probably a little more than I wanted to pay but I may just have to bite the bullet if I want something good. Hopefully I can talk my wife into not giving me a hard time about it.