Dimmable CFL downlights??


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I keep hearing that dimmable CFL compact downlights are just around the corner. Does anyone have any information as to how long they might appear on the market. I have seen the larger versions for a while.

I have got a couple of Megaman CFL compact downlights to have a play with, like the light source apart from the intenisty that the fluoro give off. Even and the warm white at 3000K is nice.....just cant dim them.

Can't believe with the market size in domestic applications that the bigger manufacturers have not developed and manufactured a downlight (aka MR-16 sized CFL sized). Whoever gets there first is ona winner.

Be interested if any members have heard anything.....thanks.

Sorry I know this is a little off forum topic however I feel there are a lot of HA people that are likely t accross what is happening in the lighting area


Dimables exist. Try http://www.topbulb.com
The problem with them was that they produce a fair bit less light for the same energy that a non-dimable CFL uses, they have a shorter life, and they tend to generate a fair bit of electronic noise.
A bit pricey to. I had bulk (box of 100 for $87 with shipping) purchased some other bulbs that they have and paid about 90% less than they are selling them for ($8.99 each).

900% markup is a bit much. Heck they probably paid less than I did.