Dimmable LED bulbs


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Now that LED bulbs are very common, I'd love to find out which bulbs you guys prefer. I'm still stuck with some cheaper LED bulbs which just don't have much dimming range, so I'm looking for replacements which don't require a down payment.

What are you using?
Years back I analyzed the LED light market, and back then there were just a few companies that owned the patents on the circuitry to dim LED bulbs smoothly, and most other companied didn't want to pay the money to use the dimming, so most LED bulbs had terrible dimming. But this doesn't answer your question. :). Anyway, my answer is simple, buy LED filament bulbs, and note not all of them are clear. They have very little electronics to fail, are very efficient, and dim really nicely. A negative is they may fail a bit sooner than other kinds, but since they are cheap, not a big problem. For the regular kind, its almost ALWAYS that the electronics fail first, and these bulbs have next to none. If you pick them up and they are very light, most likely a filament bulb.

LED Filament bulbs
WiFi bulbs. They dim right down to 1% without any flicker.

I have been finding all dimmable bulbs disapearing from Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and Home Hardware stores in Canada.
How'd your bulb test go? Here is a good video on bulbs...
Bulb Reviews

And the winner, like the Philips is a FILAMENT BULB. Surprise Surprise. Compared to the filament bulbs, I'm not sure why you would buy the "regular" kind. For me, they always seem to have a very short life and never dim smoothly. The filament ones are lighter, and more efficient usually.
Did install 1 of them. It definitely handles dimming at lower values very smoothly, but when setting it to 100%, it flashes once before it stays on. I'll have to play with the min/max dim values of the Z-Wave module, as it may just be the lamp module itself.
Many dimmers have trouble with LED bulbs. Usually if you have a few in parallel they will work, but for just one, maybe not.
I purchased these Philips in 2020 for the outside coach lamps with UPB switches and they are still dimming fine for me.

Philips 458620 LED Dimmable F15 Soft White Light Bulb with Warm Glow Effect 500-Lumen, 2700-2200-Kelvin, 7-Watt (60-Watt Equivalent), E26 Base, Clear, 4-Pack.