Dimmer Switches Status not correct in OP II


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Can anyone suggest why my HAI/HLC dimmer switches status is often not correct in the Omni Pro II units as seen in Haiku or Dealer PC Access? 
The Upstart program correctly shows the switch status but the OP II often shows different and incorrect switch status. 
Typically the dimmer shows as off but really is on.
Most of my dimmers have 1.04 firmware and my firmware on the OP is 4.0b and my Dealer UPB settings are Status time of 6 and transmit count = 3
This is not a new situation with my system ie. it has always been quirk.
It may be a connectivity issue. Meaning noise on the neutral or something, which cause it to not either have the right command or status. Maybe you need a phase booster, or a coupler if they're on different phases.
This is a common problem if you are using UPB links.     The Omni will not automatically update the status of switches that are not in the same "room"   However, you can program the Omni to check the status manually.      I built a spreadsheet to track how my "rooms" are set up.  Then added some programming to check status after certain links are activated.
Search the forums for "UPB configuration into OminPro"  for a detailed explanation.   (Yes, Omni is misspelled, but that is how it is filed)