Direct Philips Pronto RF Application !!


I`m wondering if the WGL "V572 RF Whole House Transceiver" and the "Receiver W800RF32AE" that both work in 433,92 Mhz can receive a direct RF signal from a ProntoPro NG RU980 that works in 434 Mhz too.

The V572 RF and W800RF32 US versions work in 310 Mhz, so I think they will not receive a direct RF signal from a the TSU7000 (US version) that works in 418 Mhz.

Someone knows something about this ???
hi ihome, welcome to CocoonTech! Even if these devices use the same frequency, they still have to speak the same language (protocol). If you want to control your home automation setup through your pronto, you might want to look at the IR->X10 devices.
Hi Electron, thank you for the answer.

I know that I have to use that device (IR to X10) but will be interesting have a direct RF connection between the ProntoPro NG and the WGL Transceiver and Receiver. I save money and is direct. I wondering if is possible.
I've read that there is a way to control x10 directly with the pronto I believe on I haven't opted to try it yet with my TSU7000. I had to purchase two RF base stations for my Toshiba TVs in my home theater because they all used the same IR codes! I now use RF to IR to control two of the TV's.

I'll see if I can dig up some links to the info.
Hi Stinger

Thnak you very much, I have benn searching for links but I didn´t find them. Will be awesome if I can use the TSU7000 directly with WGL "V572 RF Whole House Transceiver" and the "Receiver W800RF32AE" US versions. ;)

Best !!!
It appears I must have misread the some of the previous posts at remotecentral. From what I'm reading now, they are saying only the European model can do this. Keep searching though!

Best link I could find on the topic: Link