Disabling local control on SR227 Wall Outlets


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This was sent to us by a customer. He asked us to post it. We have not tested this ourselves but thought some people here might find it useful.

I just disabled local control on two SR227's today (16 July 2006) and verified that this
procedure works:

To disable local control on the SR227-C Supersocket, remove the 2 screws from the back of the
socket that enables one to remove the back cover, sliding the black and white wires through the
holes as the back cover is removed. The jumper for pin 7 of the 78570 IC is the small jumper
closest to the RF can transformer and pin 1 of the IC on the component side of the PC board.
Cut it and local control is disabled. The only other jumper on the component side of this PC
board is close to pins 16 and 17 on the other side of the IC close to where a smaller gauge
black wire comes out of the PC board in an area with lots of real estate. Do not cut this one.
Replace the back cover and the 2 screws holding it on and you're done!
Basically same as the Appliance Module. I would guess it only disables the sensing circuit, but the sensing current that flickes some loads is still there.
Has anyone else tested this?

The issue I'm having is I'm controlling something that plugs into the ac outlet that takes a watch battery. This device senses on/off of the ac and sends a rf signal to something else I want to control. The issue is, it won't work unless I have something with a bigger load on it. For ex,. if I plug a lamp and this device with the watch battery into the same x10 controllable plug, (2 things connected to the one outlet) then the device works. Or if I plug a filter in first, then the other device, it works. It needs something else on it that has a bigger load... I'm just trying to find an easy way to get it to work. I wonder if the insteon ac outlet would have the same issue?
Here the x10 outlet is OFF, and you can see when the 3 outlet surge protector is plugged in, the red led light, stays ON. When i add in the night light, it then senses the outlet if off, then the RF device works. I reallly would like a way around doing all this.


Also, now that sr227 can't even fit back into the wall with all the wires.