Disconnected from site


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Why is it that in my LAN with 3 labtops and one pc with the kodicom card has this "disconnected from site" problem.

One of the laptop is able to access the local ip of the dvr and view its images. However the other two will get this "disconnected from site" when the images are supposed to load.

Did anyone also encounter such a problem or has any ideas whats wrong?

The only times I got that message was:
1. Different versions of client and server.
2. Incorrect site info placed in the client.
3. Client trying to access server without proper port forwarding though the firewall.

#2 is the only thing that sounds possible in your test setup, and I am sure you double checked your work...

anyone ever get the "incorrect private no vs site code" error. I just changed my site code, do I have to close and then reload the Site to reflect the changes? This is buggin me out!!
I had that error too, but it is pretty much what it says. As long as your versions are matching, sync the site codes (###-###) and make sure you are using a 4-digit password for the site and get it synced up.

hmm, i realized I'm using 4.13 Diginet Center...and 4.11 Diginet Site

ughhh where to find 4.11 Center
i got my 4.13 diginet center working w/ 4.11 site. I had a port issue, which now is resolved (router remote access port was same as kodicom default ports). A quick change and now im back up and running!
:) I am having the 'incorrect private no vs site code" , I guess I have forgotten to set the site code in diginet site , but the computer is far away in a remote area.
I tried to guess the default site code for diginetsite . "1234" is not working.
Does anybody know the default site code?