Disposable Digital Camera


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/. posted an article (linking to this USA Today article) about a disposable digital camera.


I can't tell from the article if the $19.99 includes the price of your prints. (not likely). It says "After you bring it in for processing, you get a free picture CD along with your prints. "

I'd take a 35mm prints over a 2MP pic anyday at that price.

While $19.99 seems way to pricey for me for a 2MP digital cam, I think there could be some serious hacking potential on these devices. From /. here is a page with some interesting info on the cam.


The LCD while small could be a nice display for weather icons, CNN breaking news, who knows.
The previous one-use digital cameras (the Dakotas and similar) are from Ritz camera but sound like basically the same thing. There has been a lot of hacking of the different models going on (primarily connecting USB to download pictures yourself).

I followed a lot of the discussions initially, but eventually lost interest. I really didn't need another project since I don't have enough time for the ones I've got now. And, I'm all set as far as digital cameras go - a low resolution camera with (probably) mediocre optics and performance just doesn't have much appeal. The appeal is primarily in the hacking, not in the final use.

If you google terms like "ritz camera digital hack" you should find quite a few hits.
This cam is made by the same people that came up with the first generation disposable digital cam. I would love to put one of these in my car as I do now (but right now it's a cheap lowres pocket cam), as this one has an LCD. I saw this article on /. too, but haven't seen any info on hacking this unit yet, hopefully there will be some progress soon.
Exactly E. I don't expect these to fly. I've yet to see a disposable digital camera in my neck of the wood. The kodak one is a film camera that they do scans of isn't it? But what do you have a cam in your car for? I can't think of too many up and up things that would require a cam in my car. :D

LCD sure, but a cam.. Unless it is the "always on hand" cam of course. I understand that. Never know when you will need a camera.
20 bucks seems kind of steep for a disposable camera, especially 2M. I'd rather just have standard 35mm prints then scan in the ones I want to keep myself.
I have a tiny cam in my glove compartment for emergencies (i.e. accidents). I have the batteries disconnected using pieces of paper. I also use it to take pictures of certain cars I like, i.e. DMC is testing the new 2005 Grand Cherokee right here, and they aren't for sale yet, so I like to take pictures and look at them at home, or take pictures of rare cars, but the main reason I have it in there is in case I need to use it as a 'witness'.
I have a tiny cam in my glove compartment for emergencies (i.e. accidents)
Man, that is a GREAT idea. I'm going to get a few for my vehicles. Also (especially since I have a male 16 year old brand new driver) I'm going to write down a set of instructions in case anyone gets into an accident with phone numbers, insurance info (contacts), etc...

One thing nice about this camera is it should take the Las Vegas heat that develops in cars (120 degrees plus) since no film is involved (long term storage in the glove box).

BTW: I think we should start a Cocoontech.com fund for helping me pay my auto insurance! :D