Dissapointment in Insteon controller


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Ok, I got my Insteon starter kit up and running.
Still working on getting some X10 modules working with it, but I'll get there.
However, I have to say I'm dissapointed in a couple of things.

First, can they make the tabletop controller any larger? It's huge, especially considering it only has 5 sets of on/off switches. X10 has been making controllers 1/4 the size but with 2-3 times more switches/buttons on it for years.

Second, I was under the impression that the tabletop controller was wireless and thus could be located pretty much anywhere. I was shocked to find an AC cord hanging from the back of it. I was planning on usually keeping the controller on one of the tables in my living room, but between its massive size and the need to be plugged in leaving its power cord in the way to be tripped on, makes this an impossibility.

Is there, or will there be anytime soon, a wireless Insteon controller?
The pictures are misleading ( to the untrained eye). I found that myself. I would hope there is an eventual radio based controller but I am not aware of one so far.
The wall mount mentiond breifly never happened either. Only RF devices right now are the RFLinc's. No remotes or motion sensors. :unsure:
I think one of the problems with the Insteon Starter Kit is that it is geared to somebody who is just getting ito automation and starting from scratch. I don't know the demographics for people buying Insteon but I suspect it is weighted more towards existing X-10 users looking to upgrade and less to the first-time automation novice.

I think this has led to many disappointments such as yours because X-10 users are used to a mature product line with eveything from wireless controllers to motion detectors to infrared receivers. It may have been a bit of a miscalculation to think X-10 people would want to make the transition slowly and accept a fairly gradual pace for new product introductions.

I would like to see the Home Depot focused products take a back seat for awhile and have a little more emphasis and support for the X-10 replacement market. A few more key products. such as a wireless controller, would go a long way toward improving the Insteon transition experience for X-10 veterans!