DIY: Good thing or bad thing?


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I know I said I could do a smarthome for $10K-$15K, but now it looks like DIY and Cocoontech are going to cost me $200K-$300K...

My predisposition before finding cocoontech
Step 1 (2002)
Hey, let's use a PC to rip all 300 CDs, so the baby won't trash the CDs!
- I should spend $1K on a PC to do this.
Step 2 (2003)
Hey, let's use a PC to roll my own TIVO, so I don't have to pay the monthly bill!
- I should spend $1K on another PC and equipment to do this.
Step 3 (2004)
Hey, let's use a PC to rip the DVDs, so the babies won't trash the DVDs!
- I should spend $1K on a fileserver and a ton of HDs to do this.
Step 4 (2005)
Hey, let's use a PC to control my equipment, and i'll control it via bluetooth, RF, or wifi so I can move all the audio & video equipment into a centralized location.
- I should spend $1K on hw & sw to do this.

After Finding Cocoontech:

Step 6 (Jan 2006)
Hey, let's use a PC AND an Elk to integrate the security/fire/theft into this whole mix.
- I should spend $2000 on a ton of sensors and an Elk to do this.

Step 7 (Mar 2006)
Hey, that equipment closet is getting pretty hot, I better vent it through the attic storage area that's directly above it. [think 4'x4'x4' wooden enclosed part of the attic].
- I should spend $250 to do this.

Step 8 (Apr 10, 2006)
Hey, why am I putting stuff like amps in the equipment closet? Now that i've got all this carpentry experience from step 7, i'm going to expand that attic storage area to a 30'x20'x7' box and move the non-daily equipment up there!
- I should spend $5000 to do this.

Step 9(Apr 24, 2006)
Hey, if I'm going to build out the box, I better put in speakers and/or pre-wire the whole house!
- I should spend $1500 to do this.

Step 10(Apr 25, 2006)
(from wife): If you're building out all that storage space, why don't we just build a 2nd floor on the house?
- I should spend, wait how much do you want to do this in the SF Bay area?????????????????
So you are now an official Cocooner!! :lol:

You have not got all the great new stuff yet!