DIY Projectors


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I was reading through a thread of DIY projects on another forum and one that came up was a guy who made his own projector.

The thing is ugly as sin, but the project he followed can be seen here.

I remembered reading before about people who were making their own projectors only more box type.

I went ahead and googled up DIY projectors and got quite a few hits. One was selling plans for $20.00 (not too shabby) but many were free and people just tinkering and playing.

So has anyone here actually made their own projector and if so, do you have any pictures?
I never tried to make one but at the price you can get projectors for now you may as well just buy one. I have seen other projects floating around the net just like that one. But seriously... Why try and build your own when $700 to $1200 can buy you a realy nice infocus projector. My brother just purchased the Infocus X2 and it is very nice. I own the X1 model which is also nice but the resolution is not as high so its a little grainy on my 100" screen
I remember that in 1992 we had in our office a commercially made LCD adapter for an overhead projector. It worked exactly as this DIY design, but was used for slide presentations instead of video. And since the LCD technology was very poor at that time the projection was dark and slow.

Finaly we threw the LCD out and used a dye sublimation printer to print color slides. The quality of the colors was comparable to todays inkjets but far more expensive.

Squintz - I think that for very, very low budget school with several classrooms (specially out of US) with a lot of old overhead projectors around it would make sense to try this idea. It would be the only way for them to have a projector in each classroom.
Good input guys.

The site that sells plans for $20.00 is

The $20 is actually access to their forums and advanced plans but they're more the usual type of projectors you'd buy, only bigger.

You can browse their forums without paying the fee and I suggest people check out Gallery of Completed DIY Projectors.

There are some very cool designs in there. (One guy even used PVC pipe for housing. How cool is that?)