DMX and Z-wave switch


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Hello guys,

I need some help from a DMX expert. DMX is used for light controls. I would love to use a DMX in wall light switch to control my LED strips in my crown molding as those DMX switches offer color wheels.

I also want to control control those LED strips via Z-wave.

I already purchased the Fibaro LED strip controller and it works great with Homeseer and I can control any color I want.

Fibaro has 4 connectors for switches. I did connect the DMX switch to those but nothing worked.

My understanding is, that you can either use DMX or a separate LED controller but you can not control LED strips from two master controllers at the same time.

Question: is there any way I could have a DMX system talk to an in wall LED controller?

I want the in wall controller as a backup in case Homeseer goes down or Alexa has no Internet blocking voice control.

Any insight from a DMX expert would be appreciated.

If you have a fibaro LED controller is not DMX compatible. DMX is typically over a serial interface cable. The fibaro LED controllers I have seen take WiFi and a proprietary protocol.
This was raised in the UDI forum also and from most home automation controllers there isn't much point converting Ethernet to DMX running DMX cables and then converting it to LED control.
If you want to animate lights, DMX offers the speed you may want, but to just turn a few lights on to whatever colour you want there are many options that cost 1/10 of the money and are much easier to interface. Fibaro is one of them. Magic Home UFO, LEDenet, and MiLights are even cheaper and will give you any colour you want.

How would you suggest I can have my Fibaro LED controller and in parallel a wall switch to control the LED strips?

Fibaro has a video online on how to connect two switches at the same time and control each color and off with the 4 positions. Not really elegant.

I found the LED controller in wall switch online with a color wheel to change colors but it was wall control and DMX only. No Z-wave options available.

I could try the simple in wall switch for on off talking to Fibaro and be done but I am really trying to have a nice color wheel in wall switch in parallel.

My hopes are not high but I wanted to ask.

I guess I don't know which Fibaro LED controller you are referring then. The only ones I have seen are powered by a 12vdc power supply and left powered permanently.