Do 2-way listen in speaker/mic play announcements


I know I should be able to figure this out, but in planning my elk purchase, I'm not sure.
Does the speaker from the speaker/mic '2-way listen in' play the announcements from the elk, or act as a siren on alarm. Since it looks like they wire into OUT1, it would seem to me they would.
If so, I don't need to order separate speakers. It would however, present a problem where I wanted to use the 2-way as a remote door answerer.


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You can configure the two way speakers to turn on with Rules when a message is announced. Output 7,8,9 turn on the 3 two way listen/speaker zone outputs.

Write a Rule:
WHENEVER Audio Amp Turns On
Then turn on output 7.

Whenever Audio Amp Turns Off
Then turn off output7.