Do you have to be present to win?


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Do you have to be present to win the prizes in the Christmas in July contest? Friday nights are my nights on the town night and I rarely make it to the chat room. :)
I am often camping over the weekends, but Hurricane Charlie may keep me home this weekend. Based on previous prizes, you probably don't have to be present to win the announced stuff. But there were some spontaneous door prizes given to some of those present & playing the games.

BSR, can you confirm? Or there any extra door prizes for Friday the 13th?
No, you certainly don't have to be present to win the larger prizes. We realize that people are doing many different things, plus time differences prevent everyone from tuning in all at once.

We may have some of the smaller items given away during the chat session though. This adds a fun element to the contest/chat and was a real kick during our last give-away (we have received many comments on how much fun that was).

Electron's stay in Florida has been extended and I've also been very busy with little free time so I presently don't have any more specifics!
I think you should need to be present to win. That will give an advantage to those of us that have no life and can be home Friday evenings. ;)

Of course, for all anybody knows, I could be out partying when I connect to the Friday chats through the magic of a wifi pda.
Didn't you guys read the contest's fine print? Anyone who's name is drawn but isn't actually present gets his prize given! ;)

Well, I think I'm on the hook to give out about 15 prizes or so and I can't make this Friday. I'm sure the fine gentlemen that run this board can handle that part though!

Have fun!

BSR/Electron, just email me a list and I'll take care of it on Sunday.
Ill e-mail the list to you right now....

It will look something like this

1) Squintz
2) Squintz
3) Squintz
4) .... and so on

Go ahead and send those out to me my address is....