Documentary on the X-Prize Winner


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I think E posted a thread a while ago announcing that someone had won the X-Prize for the first private vehicle to enter space then do it again within 2 weeks.

Well on my last stay at a hotel I surfed across the Discovery Channel and found that they were airing a 3 part series on the team that won the prize. I found it absolutely facinating and amazing and I would recommend everyone watch it, tape it, or Tivo it.

What those guys went through to win and what they didn't do left my jaw on the floor.

Here's a link to the Discovery page on it. They have a DVD for sale and I might just pick it up. Absolutely amazing.
I saw a 3 hour series on Discovery called "Black Sky" I believe, which was a 2 parter, 1 part before the final flight, and 1 a few days after, you are right, it definitely was some really cool stuff, especially the behind the scenes stuff.
My boss told me about this at work. I ended up streaming a good 2 hours of it before turning it off. Definitly a worth while see.

Here's the link where you can watch a good portion of it: I dont know if it is the same as the discovery one though. Its really long, I think I was 1/3 the way through when I turned it off :huh: