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Does one HAVE to use UpStart now with UPB


Hello - My OP II was installed 20 years ago, and UpStart was not even around. The way the UPB Lamp Modules were configured was with the OmniTouch 1st generation panels. You would hit the reset button five times on the module and it would blink blue for five minutes, giving the installer plenty of time to go to the OmniTouch, hit the appropriate pre-setup Named Module in PCAccess, and then select Configure on the OmniTouch. I did that at least 10 times and it could not find the module. So, I plugged in a module I use for Holiday Lights, that I didn't bother with this year, and it found it right away.   Any ideas?  Thanks.  Jim


Thinking those HAI switches were HAI HLC proprietary switches.  These were UPB switches with HAI HLC firmware.
Upstart has been around since first UPB (Universal Powerline Bus)  switches were sold by PCS (Powerline Control Systems)  licensed the UPB technology.
New PCS UPB switches are HLC compatible, LED and CCFL compatible.  
The module you utilized for your holiday lights was most likely an HLC module.  The new UPB module was just UPB and not HLC.
Here went from using X10 for holiday lighting, UPB and then back to X10 connecting to a dual phase Volp TW-523 emulator which has working now for a long time.
For outdoor holiday lighting use the old Black and Decker Freewire outdoor X10 modules.

Does one HAVE to use UpStart now with UPB?
Yes with legacy UPB switches.