Door Station with OmniPro II and OmniTouch 7 Screen


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I'm trying to configure the communication of the Leviton Door Station INDS1-00S with the OmniTouch 7 screens over OMNIPro II. I succeeded to have the Door Station calling internal or external telephone numbers, as it seems that it got successfully registered with the SIP server (FritzBox). However it looks like that I can't activate the intercom menu button of OT7.

Would someone know how to do this? I also read in a commercial that it is possible to call external numbers, if the OT7 doesn't answer. How could we achieve this?

Well, although not 100% done, the first answer is that one needs to register the SIP server IP right on "Header" level of the extended settings.
The second question, namely how to call multiple screens, including external number(s) seems not to be OMNIPro II- relevant. The door station can call only one number representing either a SIP-Client “phone” or a call group. This kind of settings is possible, if a PBX device is at hand. Honestly, while configuring a PBX would be some kind of fun, I don’t see the necessity to proceed so. So I just used the SIP-functionality of the Fritzbox, plus the SIP/Call forwarding functionality of a secondary Fritzbox, having the role of a WiFi repeater/extender. The configuration is as follows:

- Master Fritzbox
Provides SIP accounts to Door Station / Omnitouch 7 screens (there two of them).
Provides SIP account to secondary Fritzbox, meant to manage the call to external network / mobile phone
Provides a Call group including the two OT7, the wireless handsets and the secondary Fritzbox’s internal number

- Secondary Fritzbox
Created a self number, say 777777 by registering the device as a SIP client of the first Fritzbox.
Setup immediate call-forwarding for the 777777 number. When the Call group of the master Fritzbox calls the secondary one as “phone” the call is immediately forwarded to the mobile.

This particular setup is kind of complex, but if anyone would be interested, I can elaborate more.