Doorbell Fon with ElkM1


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Has anyone successfully connected their Doorbell Fon system to the ELkM1?

DoorBell Fon system:

I currently have it connected to other hardware but would love to eliminate one more piece of equipment.

Just a little unsure what other accessories I'll need to make it happen. I have one on the front and one on the back door.

Once connected to the Elk I'll be able to send a command to MainLobby to switch to my camera scene for that door and take a digital snapshot that is archived on the hard drive for later review by MainLobby.

Ideally, I could also push a button in MainLobby to trigger the Electric Lock, but not sure if that would be possible. It currently uses the * key on the phone so I'm not sure if I could do both at the same time.

Thanks to everyone for any input.
From the information, it looks like the Inbound Relay Trigger Controller (DP-28CI) could supply a dry contact closure when someone rings the door bell which could trigger an input into the M1, thus into MainLobby.
That's the wiring for the Doorbell Fon with Electronic Door Strike.

The device for inbound contact closure is the one Spanky mentioned, the DP-28CI

Here's the diagram for the wiring.


Here's the DP-28CI