Premise [download] HomeSeer HS3 Connector Module

Motorola Premise


File Name: HomeSeer HS3 Connector Module
File Submitter: doczaius
File Submitted: 15 Jun 2016
File Category: Premise
Author: A9K
Contact: [email protected]

'  This driver interfaces with HomeSeer HS3 through its JSON and ASCII interface
'  Essentially HomeSeer acts as a hardware controller, allowing you to use all the modern
'  devices that are available to HomeSeer. Meanwhile you can use Premise's unparalleled object
'  oriented logic programming, or any other sort of custom functions built by yourself
'  or others.
'   Version: 0.1a
'    - Proof of concept
'    - Only has functionality supporting Dimmer & Switch
'    - Other device types may be discovered but their implementation is incomplete.
'    - Code to auth with ASCII server is complete but not implemented in this release.
'    - Priorities:
'        - Add Sensors (Motion, Temperature, Humidity, Luminance)
'        - Add Climate Control (Thermostat)
'        - Add Locks
'        - Notification Devices (Alarm, Tamper, Intrusion etc)
'        - Cleanup buthered code from ViziaRF, remove unnecessary scripts and objects
'  Credits:
'    - The vast majority of this driver is built off of the very hard work of CocoonTech members
'        123, markh and etc6849. The wonderful ViziaRF driver built by them has been repurposed,
'        trading the VRC0P for HS3.  Many Z-wave and Leviton specific functions have been removed
'        but anyone familizar with the ViziaRF driver will recognize its massive contribution.
'    - A9K aka docz (myself) on the CocoonTech Forums.  In addition to the incorporation of the
'        aspjson function and the homeseer conversion of the driver, also bundled and required for this
'          module to function is my Generic HTTP (modules/a9k/xmlhttp) driver which I built some time
'        ago to interface with other modules ive built like OpenSprinklerPi & RPiCamControl that use
'        HTTP get/post methods to transmit and receive data.
'  Requirements:
'    - HomeSeer HS3 (any licenses supporting remote control will work)
'   - A username/password in HS3 for premise to use.
'    - Lantronix Add-in/driver
'    - A9K/XMLHTTP Generic Driver
'        - Bundled with the HS Driver. All are welcome to use and incorporate into their own
'            projects as long as you post about them on CocoonTech!
'    Installation:
'    - Install the HomeSeer.xdo module (Click Modules, File, Import, browse to file, ok)
'    - Create 1 virtual port in Lantronix to connect to your HomeSeer server.
'    - Enable ASCII control within HS3 setup.
'    - Enable JSON control within HS3 setup
'   - Create a username/password combination for Premise to use when it talks to HS3
'    - Configure the username, password, address, and port (lantronix) under the main HS3 object.
'    - Click devices and then Discover Devices.

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